Annual Meeting

Our May meeting was the annual meeting and there was a good attendance.  Both the resolutions were passed after some discussion; reports and finances were discussed, the committee elected and Carolyn elected as president. The meeting concluded with a short talk by Sarah of Safenet, describing the work they do with the Women’s Refuge.

Full details, including the Committee’s Report and the President’s Address, can be found on our new downloads page.

2016 Resolutions

Edit to add – both resolutions were passed by the NFWI

This year there are two resolutions to be voted on separately  – this means that one, both or neither could be passed at the NFWI AGM in June. There will be time  during May’s meeting to discuss then vote on each separately.

Amanda Foley attended the LFWI Resolutions meeting on 19th April on our behalf in order to find out more about each resolution.  Both resolutions were discussed and the following issues were raised.

Avoid food waste, address food poverty
‘The WI calls on all supermarkets to sign up to a voluntary agreement to avoid food waste, thereby passing surplus food on to charities thus helping to address the issue of increasing food poverty in the UK.’

Representatives from ‘The Real Junk Food Project’ ( presented and helped discuss this resolution.

  • Will supermarkets sign up if it is only voluntary?
  • Health and safety concerns were discussed, but these do seem to be covered.
  • Waste from individual homes is a huge problem – could this be a different angle for a resolution, i.e. to re-educate everyone.
  • Supermarkets often reject products before we see them – need to address that as well.
  • There was concern that due to the wording this was not the right resolution for what is needed.
  • Can the government do more to address food poverty?

Appropriate care in hospitals for people with dementia
‘We call upon HM Government and the NHS to provide facilities to enable carers to stay with people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia that have been admitted into hospital.’

Kathleen Storton from the Alzheimer’s Society spoke on this resolution. There was a great deal of discussion from WI members on this resolution, most of it positive.

  • Family members know a lot more than strangers, so it would improve care and could benefit other patients by reducing disturbance from distressed dementia sufferers.
  • There is already ‘John’s Campaign’ which is supported in many hospitals, including the Royal Lancaster Infirmary which is already very good. If the resolution is passed, Lancaster Roses WI could find out more from the hospital.
  • It was noted that this is not a criticism of the NHS or its staff and that nurses have stated that they would appreciate help in better caring for dementia sufferers.
  • This resolution would tie in nicely with the Prime Minister’s ‘Dementia Challenge’
  • Funding issues were discussed, although money has already been ring-fenced by the government.
  • Could such a resolution place further burden on carers, with perceived pressure that they would have to care for dementia sufferers in hospital?
  • Dementia disproportionately affects more women as they are more likely to get dementia than men and women are more likely to be carers for dementia sufferers, so this is an appropriate cause for the WI.

There is information available on the WI website with plenty of associated resources, as well as information in April’s edition of WI Life Magazine listing some of the Pros and Cons of each resolution. We would encourage all members to read up on this before the meeting so that we can get through the business in timely fashion.

Hatched, Matched and Dispatched!

A report on our April meeting, written by Ros Wilson one of our members.Julieanne registrar

What a very interesting evening. Julianne gave us an insight into her work as a registrar. She explained about registering births for single mothers, unmarried couples, and married couples. She then explained the process of registering a death and how important it is to have all the relevant information available when registering. If you have birth certificate, marriage certificate. passport etc with you when you register the death this makes it easier.

Wedding Ros registrarAnd finally, we had some volunteers to act as bride, groom, mother of the bride and registrar to go through the marriage service. I was the bride, Alison was the groom, Liz was the mother of the bride and Emma was the second registrar. It was a lovely service and everyone enjoyed it. There was plenty of frivolity and we overrun a bit but great evening. Thanks Julianne.

Lampshades and Zip-Wrangling.

Sharon McGuiness has written this post about a recent LFWI workshop.

January 16th found me up at a, quite frankly, unprecedented hour on a Saturday morning aSharon textilesnd on the M6 heading for a day’s Home Furnishing course at the NW federation offices in Leyland. Thanks to winter finally arriving that morning and having spent rather longer than expected defrosting the car I arrived (only just) in time and skidded into a seat with my sewing machine and a metre of fabric in hand ready to find out how on earth we were going to transform a flat piece of material into a 3D lampshade!

Any trepidation I had about my relative lack of crafting experience was soon dispelled by meeting the rest of the group – 8 other ladies from a selection of other WIs with hugely varied levels of sewing skills and all totally lovely – and our instructor Sharon. She soon helped us to get started cutting out and reinforcing our fabric and then the slightly tricky process of attaching the rings to form a cylinder. Everyone rallied round and helped each other though and we soon all had very professional looking lampshades on our benches! After lunch, we used the rest of the material to make cushions and Sharon did a masterclass on zip-wrangling as well as showing us how to do appliqué. All fuelled by laughter, fun and copious tea, coffee & biscuits.

All in all, I had a wonderful day and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend doing a course or workshop with the WI. I’m looking out for my next one already!


2016 – Full Steam Ahead.

Lancaster Roses have started 2016 at full speed, with a new location, lots of plans and lots of updates to our website, including this brand new news section, which we hope will be filled with photos and reports from our meetings and reports of WI related things our members are involved in.

Any member can contribute here, just send any contributions to: