Hatched, Matched and Dispatched!

A report on our April meeting, written by Ros Wilson one of our members.Julieanne registrar

What a very interesting evening. Julianne gave us an insight into her work as a registrar. She explained about registering births for single mothers, unmarried couples, and married couples. She then explained the process of registering a death and how important it is to have all the relevant information available when registering. If you have birth certificate, marriage certificate. passport etc with you when you register the death this makes it easier.

Wedding Ros registrarAnd finally, we had some volunteers to act as bride, groom, mother of the bride and registrar to go through the marriage service. I was the bride, Alison was the groom, Liz was the mother of the bride and Emma was the second registrar. It was a lovely service and everyone enjoyed it. There was plenty of frivolity and we overrun a bit but great evening. Thanks Julianne.